“I love your daily online messages focusing on specific prayers. I open your emails every time and wish that more organizations got their donors to focus on them in the wonderful way you do everyday! God bless you for reminding me everyday about the Middle East and its need for the world’s love.”

– Marcia

“I love hearing about all the things happening at the Beirut Center. It especially encourages me as I compare it to the mainstream news we hear on American television and in our newspapers. We know God is working.

When I receive the MENA emails here at Faith’s mission office, I forward them to others and broadcast the news as much as possible. I pray for God’s provision for the facilities there – the space, the rooms, the supplies, the leaders, the people who come there for help. May God protect!”


“A. Our prayers for MENA include:

1. That many would be drawn to His light, like moths to a flame, and
2. That many would lay aside the sectarian views of the ME and would remember that these folks are PEOPLE who are going through total upheavals in their lives. What a marvelous time to come to them with an accurate, heart and life changing message of Jesus, a ME man and God Almighty, all wrapped up in one Person.
3. That the staff would be ministered to and strengthened by God Himself as they are expended in His name, and reach out to many others with His saving presence and gracious care.

B. What has Pray4MENA accomplished in our hearts:

We are now more aware than ever of the persons who are being impacted amidst the horrific news stories that continue to cover the news columns here. It is a very much more personal issue to us, to hear the stories and know that people who are being tossed around at the whims of the enemy and evil persons’ cruelty.

C. Re: PRAYER CONTENT in this newsletter…
He has led you well in what you have shared thus far. Just keep giving us an “eye into the ME from His perspective”, which allow us to ‘be there’ with you in the same day that you send out the requests!

D. What would we like MENA people to know from us, the prayer supporters?


You are not forgotten, although buffeted by many forces, but all by the same author (Satan).

You are not cast adrift by our Lord in the midst of the gale, but are eternally anchored by faith in His Son, Jesus, and that no matter how wild the storm, that He has never left you, has never and WILL NEVER abandon you, nor will He forsake you!

God is nearest to those who are in the midst of deepest trials and losses. Cling to Him, to His promises, and allow Him to be the still, small voice that is your Comfort, your Guide, your Lord amidst all the competing voices for your hearts and in your souls!

Amen, and Amen!


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  1. Marvin

     /  December 20, 2014

    Since we have a personal stake in NA but also use this site to pray daily for MENA. We have also enlisted others to sign in for this daily reminder. Rest assured your prayers are indeed making a difference in the lost sheep of the house of Islam. We receive accounts weekly of the disenchanted turning to the one true God and His Son and our Savior, Jesus. Pray on and pray hard, Church!

    • Marvin
      Do you know anyone who might be interested in teaching English in North Africa with Horizons? Please let us know.


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