Testimonial of a Horizons Intern

R is a Lebanese Armenian with a heart to reach Muslims. We first met R at an Engaging Islam training event in Beirut, where she received training on evangelism and discipleship among Muslims from Georges Houssney and Pierre Houssney. She was very interested in the subject material and interacted a lot during class. Since then, she has begun volunteering at the center, and after demonstrating leadership abilities and maturity of character, we invited her to join Horizon’s internship program. R has been focusing on following up on thousands of messages from Muslim seekers via social media, and also serves at the front desk at Horizons’ Café/bookstore at which she shares the gospel and helps disciple new believers from various backgrounds. Here’s her story, in her own words:

“I prayed the prayer of salvation in 2005 but for 5 years I just lived however I wanted, and tried to make a plan for my life and carry out that plan – I was praying for God to fulfill my plan. Finally I ran into a bunch of walls, and threw up my hands and said “your will, not mine – my plans didn’t work for me, so I’m turning everything over to you.” So in 2010 I made a new covenant with the Lord. Every day I walk with him and my life has completely changed, going from victory to victory, freedom to freedom. God is working in my life still, and he will do so until I see him face to face.
When I made the new covenant with God, He put a new hunger and thirst in me – whenever I would hear of a conference I would go, and whenever I’d find teaching on TV I would study it. I built my life of faith via media – I would always watch Christian stations. This was when I was in Syria.

During the war, in 2012, I came to Lebanon and became committed to my church, and studied all of it’s teachings and got involved in its ministries. Then one day I heard from the Lord “leave your job – at this time I’ve found you other work.” After I confirmed this, that He wanted me to leave my work, I told him “Amen Lord, if you want me to leave my work, you will take care of me.” It really was on my heart that I do the Lord’s work – I didn’t want to work in “the world”. Before believing in Christ, I had a big dream to be the best secretary in the world, because I have 14 years of experience as a secretary. But in this last period in my life, I didn’t feel like working in anything except in the Lord’s harvest. In this time, the Lord was providing all my needs and I lacked nothing even though I wasn’t working.

Then a friend called me and said they’d like to have me serve with Horizons. I, of course, was so joyful because this is what I was praying for, to pray in the Lord’s harvest. I started working, and even in the past month God has been teaching me a lot of things. I’m really happy doing the Facebook follow-up ministry, because I’ve been able to do something I wasn’t able to do – maybe I was missing the courage or training. So I’m learning how to answer people and share the message of salvation. I’m learning so that God would give me the strength to do the same thing face-to-face, not just on the Internet. On the Internet, I feel like nobody sees me so I can talk however I want and be relaxed and comfortable. I need to learn how to control my temper, because maybe if I were having these same conversations face-to-face I would get angry and maybe words would come out of my mouth that don’t honor the Lord. So I’m training in this, and really happy in this ministry.

The other ministry that I newly have started doing is beginning to attend the “Cubs to Lions” video course by Georges Houssney, to train myself to administer the course myself and teach it along with the videos to new people. What I have received freely, I need to freely give, because the Lord has been filling me with knowledge and experiences for some time. So in some way I have to share these experiences that I’m living with others, so that they can share them with others, just as Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2:2. I’m really happy with this as well.

I’d like to be a spiritual counselor, because I’ve gone through really hard times, and the Lord healed me and freed me from them, and maybe because I lived it, I can turn it into a blessing for others. Maybe my weak point could turn into a strong point. Like Joyce Meyer, for example, how she really had a hard time when she was young, and then the Lord worked in her life and turned all these trials into blessings, so there would be hope for those who are spiritually tired, and psychologically tired, that there is hope, and the Lord can heal you. This is on my heart.

I’m so thankful to the Lord that I can be part of a practical ministry with a purpose.”

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