Huffing Paint?

Please pray for A, a young Syrian refugee man who had been living at Horizons’ Hope of the Nations Center in Beirut, where he had proclaimed faith in Christ and was being discipled.

I saw him the other day in the alley outside the center but it seemed like he didn’t even recognize me. I could tell there was something strange going on so I asked around – “what’s going on with A”? I was saddened to hear that he is now addicted to huffing paint, and possibly other drugs, and that his mind has really deteriorated recently.

“How could this be?” I thought, that this intelligent and mild mannered, friendly guy could have reached this point? I was told that he’s having a lot of problems with people around the neighborhood because his social interactions have become strange – he’s being threatened by a lot by guys in the streets who misinterpret his behavior as rudeness or aggression.

It’s incredibly sad to see someone who had such promise just throw it away and destroy himself. Yet I know this is one of the many manifestations of the truly desperate situations that Syrian refugees have been stuck in as the conflict is drawn out into a seemingly endless deadlock, leaving millions of lives in constant limbo.

Would you join me in praying for A and others like him? Please pray that he’d be able to break free from his addictions, and that the Lord would bring back his mind, so that he can continue growing in Christ and sharing with others about what God has done in his life!

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