Your Prayers are Working

Would you pray differently if you knew that your prayers were making an amazing difference?
Well guess what? They are!
The Pray4MENA community is pretty small – just a few hundred people that receive daily or weekly updates. But the Lord is responding to these prayers by extending His hand of healing and salvation!

Here are 17 of the results of prayer in September, at Horizons’ Beirut ministry center:

  1. Healing from nightmares.
  2. Healing from a broken leg.
  3. Healing from headaches.
  4. A father changed the way he treats his daughter.
  5. A miracle saved someone from being burned in a fire.
  6. A man was freed from jail as a result of prayer.
  7. A woman’s womb was healed.
  8. A child was delivered from chronic fear.
  9. After prayer, a girl named Y was able to forgive someone who had hurt her, with all her heart.
  10. God saved someone from an accident, right after being prayed for.
  11. A girl named K was healed from stomach aches.
  12. N’s prayers were answered after praying for her dad who was unable to work.
  13. A girl named H prayed for the healing of her grandma, who was healed.
  14. Z’s prayers to find a job were answered, and
  15. so were H’s prayers, for her daughter to find a job.
  16. M’s husband was healed of a sickness.
  17. A’s daughter’s ear was healed.

All of these answers to prayer are testimonies – they are signs that point to Christ and wonders that reveal God’s glory and majesty!
Yet God is not only healing bodies and helping people find jobs – he’s also saving souls!

As ISIS is killing and destroying, God is saving people in this region. Every month we are seeing dozens of Syrian refugees proclaim faith in Christ! Yet, this is not enough – we believe that God is going to do greater things! Would you join us in prayer for this?
Thank you for your prayers – they are making an amazing difference!!

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