Shattered Lives

Lives are being shattered all over the world. God knows them all, though we only get glimpses of them through the media. The eyes of the world are on the Middle East, where horrible tragedies are one-upped by new conflicts that steal the headlines.

There’s a war in Syria that has displaced millions, and one in four refugee families are now provided for by a female sole provider. There are refugee camps devoted just to war widows, and women who have no clue whether their husbands are alive wait there.

These women had homes, they had businesses, they had cars, their kids had schools, and now many of them have nothing but shattered pieces of their former lives. They are incredibly vulnerable, and there is no shortage of opportunists who take advantage of their situation. Please pray for them, that God would restore not only their physical lives, but also that they would find new, eternal lives in Christ.

In Iraq, ISIS is tightening their grip on the areas they now control, driving out multiple thousands of additional Christians, and marking their property to be seized.

In Gaza, the death toll has risen above 1,000, only temporarily stopped for a ceasefire. Entire city blocks of Gaza have already been leveled, while Hamas continues to desperately fire rockets with barely any results to show for it. People around the world are taking sides on a political level. But I just want to pray for all the individuals whose lives are being shattered by these events.

In addition to praying for these individuals, I encourage you to find some way to do something about it, even in a small way. Their greatest need is the gospel, so find a way to share it!

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