A Sad and Infuriating Story


On Monday morning, Viane, a crippled Kurdish Syrian refugee girl who frequents the center in Beirut passed away, after having a high fever and being turned away at 4 different hospitals for lack of insurance and funds. Our staff had been checking on her in the previous days and it seemed she was getting better, but her mother didn’t call us when they were trying to get her into a hospital.

It was difficult to watch her mother crying over Viane’s clothes, and hard knowing that if she had called us, Viane would likely still be alive, because we would have paid her hospital expenses from our refugee aid fund. It’s incredibly tragic that these same funds will be helping her family pay for her coffin instead.

This story is one of many others like it, demonstrating the terrible situations that refugees are forced to live in. Four Lebanese hospitals simply said no, with no fear of a lawsuit or any kind of consequence – these were just refugees, without the resources to pay for care, let alone sue a hospital. So all they can do is mourn.

Viane was a strong believer, always paying close attention and smiling in the Bible studies our staff would lead at her home, and she loved singing worship songs, even in front of the whole crowd at our worship services. She was a light in her family and in the center, where many came to pay condolences to her family, many of whom are believers. Pray that her testimony would bring the whole family to Christ, and pray for comfort for her grieving family.

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  1. An excellent story. Thanks a lot!


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