Celebrating 1 Year of Pray4MENA!

Celebrating 1 Year of Pray4MENA!

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, May 18th, 2013, 38 people received the first-ever Pray4MENA email, and saw a video of the baptisms of 7 people, 3 of whom came to Christ and were discipled at Horizons’ “Hope of the Nations” center in Beirut, Lebanon.

Since then the numbers have grown to 173 receiving emails and 96 on facebook. This small group has been faithful to:

1. Pray for what God is doing through Horizons in the MENA Region.

  • Grieved and interceded for many in situations of poverty, sickness, and spiritual darkness.
  • Rejoiced together about many who have accepted Christ and many who’ve been healed.
  • Prayed over every country in MENA and beseeched God to release his church on this region.


2. Give sacrificially to support and grow the ministry center in Beirut and help it expand throughout MENA.

  • Supported the team of nationals running the center.
  • Donated funds to aid Syrian refugees, providing them with food and essentials.

3. Go – Some of have even flown to Beirut to see the ministry in action, and some are preparing to join the team.

As a result of God’s work, through our prayers, finances, and effort:

  • Many have come to faith in Christ – over 60 in 2013!
  • The team has grown to over 15 staff and interns.
  • An additional expansion center has been added to meet more needs.
  • Dozens of indigenous Christians and several national churches have been mobilized for ministry among refugees.

Imagine what could happen if there were more of us to pray, give, and go!

Pierre Houssney,
MENA Regional Director,
Horizons International

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