Ali’s Story

On Thursday we had a graduation party for those who have completed the residential discipleship program at Hope of the Nations, joined by a few men who had lived there in the past. One after the other spoke of how they met the Lord and the impact of the center on their lives.

So many exciting stories were shared, but here’s just one.

From the age of 13, Ali has had frequent and recurring dreams of Jesus. The first dream had him on a cross and two others being crucified on his right and left. One of them cried out to him: Save me. In another dream he heard Jesus telling him to come to Beirut where he will find the truth. He went to religious leaders to interpret the dreams. Four of them told him he was an infidel, but the fifth Imam told him “if Jesus wants you to go to Lebanon than you should go.” His father agreed to let him go and helped him get a travel document to allow him to leave Syria alone.

At age 13 year he arrived in the big city of Beirut on his own with little money. Since it was summer he was able to sleep on the sea shore. One night as he gazed at the Pigeon Rock that stood 100 Ft from the beach, he had a powerful vision. He saw a beam of light coming down from heaven and striking the tall rock and reflecting back on to him, and heard a voice saying, “I give you my light.”

For 15 years his dreams contained positive and negative content, and he started having suicidal nightmares after a relative had performed sorcery against him. Jesus was inviting him to follow and he was too stuck in his religious way of life to even understand these dreams and visions. It was not until many years later that he understood that he needed to be crucified with Christ and that Jesus is the savior. Once, when he was living in Egypt, Jesus appeared to him once and said to him, I have been calling you for years, it is about time you open your heart.

When he returned to Beirut, someone led him to the Hope of the Nations center, and after a few days of hearing the gospel there, he confided in one of the staff members that he had been seeing nightmares for 9 years, which caused insomnia. This staff member put his hand on Ali’s shoulder, prayed for him, and led him in a prayer to accept Christ, which he was finally ready to do. That night he went home and slept for 18 hours straight, and has not had a single nightmare since. Now he is following Christ closely, is being discipled at the center every day, and has donated a lot of time to renovating the center’s new location nearby.

Please pray for Ali, that God would strengthen him in the Word, mature him, and help his faith grow stronger daily!

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  1. Jesus is the great deliverer and an ever present help in times of trouble. May more Folks from MENA find deliverance in His Name.


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