Special Forces

Today I met a Maronite Catholic Lebanese guy at a birthday party and he asked me what I do.

After I briefly told him about our ministry center and team, he said, “you evangelicals are doing great things – we Maronites are just on the defensive, trying to protect ourselves and survive in the Middle East. But you guys are on the offensive – going into difficult areas, preaching, and supporting missions all around the world. You guys are like the special forces of Christianity.”

Military metaphors aside, I think he’s got an interesting perspective. I was impressed at his candor and willingness to say something positive about evangelicals, who are often viewed by traditional Christians as something similar to a cult (although they like us better than Jehovah’s Witnesses).

It was nice to know that he values and appreciates what evangelicals are doing to spread the gospel throughout the world. But it also got me thinking of what the world would be like if evangelicals were not doing so.

What if there were not tens of thousands of evangelicals who are willing to give up their home countries and put down roots in a foreign land? What if there were not millions of evangelicals giving above and beyond their tithes, and living below their means, just to support the spread of the gospel to the unreached people of the world?

That thought makes me thankful for the opportunity to live in Beirut and spend my time working to expand the Kingdom of God full-time!

It also makes me want to thank all of you who pray regularly for MENA – thank you for loving the people of these foreign lands, and praying for their salvation!

Or, as my new friend would say it, thank you for being part of the special forces of Christianity!

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