Center Expansion Update

First of all, thank you! We were overwhelmed by the response to last week’s report about our expansion – we now have over a year’s rent secured for this expansion facility, so last week we rented it. Now it’s time to fix it up!

The place is basically 4 10’x30’ rooms, stacked on top of each other, 2 above ground, and 2 below ground. Below are some “before” pictures to see where we’re starting from. We are working to transform this former warehouse into a place that will be a blessing to hundreds of Syrian refugees and others here in Beirut.

If you’d like to help fix it up, go to: and write “Beirut Center Expansion” in the designation field or memo.
Here are some things we need to pay for:

1. Flooring – Tile, Carpet, and Plywood – About $3,000
2. Walls and Ceilings – Plaster and Paint – About $2,600
3. Lighting and Electrical – About $800
4. Furniture – Bookshelves for Bibles and Literature, Desks, Tables, Chairs, Couches – Maybe about $4,000

As always, thank you for your prayers and we will keep you posted! “After” pics coming soon!

IMG_4126 IMG_4433 3 IMG_4143 IMG_4136 2 11.27.48 AM

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