Help the Center Expand!

The center in Beirut is practically at full capacity, with over 15 weekly meetings and services, not including smaller Bible studies and groups.

There is an overflow of refugees and other seekers coming in crowds to hear the gospel, and dozens of new believers that are being discipled. If we had the space, we could do a lot more to provide for their needs and serve a larger number.

We have more than enough staff and volunteers to increase the number of meetings, classes, Bible studies, and events. Our main limiting factor is currently space.

We now have an opportunity to rent a space to expand the ministry of the center. This space includes a storefront that we can use as a bookstore and a place to share the gospel with people we meet during street evangelism, which we do under a busy bridge nearby.

There is a partner ministry who is planning to split the base costs of this expansion center with us as a 3-year project. But we need to raise $21,000, or $584 per month, which will cover our portion of the costs for the whole 3 years.

If you would like to contribute toward this strategic opportunity, go to and write “Beirut Center Expansion” in the designation field or memo.

Most importantly, we appreciate your prayers as we try our best to take advantage of this great opportunity God has given us, to reach the Syrian refugees in this incredible time of spiritual openness, and aid them in the deepest way possible – by making disciples of Christ among them!

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