Report: Day of Prayer and Fasting

Ordained Prayer – An Opportunity to Pray in God’s Will
We thank God for what he did through the day of prayer and fasting on Thursday, November 7th.
We believe that this was his idea, and here’s why:

A couple weeks ago, an American pastor contacted me and asked me to join them for a night of prayer. He told me that his church had felt specifically called to pray for Beirut.

Last week, I was meeting via Skype with the Beirut center team, and the center director said “when are you going to call for a day of prayer and fasting for us?” I said “well, pick a day,” and he said “how about Thursday, November 7th?”

I looked at my calendar and was amazed that it was the same day the church had invited me to pray with them for Beirut. We rejoiced together and concluded that God must have orchestrated this.

So I emailed about 1,500 people, many of whom prayed and fasted along with our staff and partners around the world.

I believe that when God leads us to pray specifically, this is an indication that he wants us to turn our eyes toward the place where he’s about to do something special.

He wants to bless us by letting us experience his great works. His call to prayer is the “before” picture he shows us, so that we can be amazed by the “after” results.

The “before” is an opportunity for faith, and the “after” is an opportunity to glorify him and tell everyone what he’s done!

Are you ready to see what he’s about to do?

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