The situation is going from bad to worse for millions in Syria. The horrors of widespread violence, rape, chemical warfare, loss of family members and homes, have forever changed the stories that millions of Syrians will pass down to future generations.

Every day at the Center in Beirut, refugees, mostly women, are coming asking for prayer and sharing terrible stories of what they have been through.

One woman shared that she had been traveling in Syria with her brother and sister, when they were stopped at a checkpoint. The fighter at the checkpoint saw her sister, unveiled, and said “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar” and proclaimed that she was now his wife. When her brother tried to stop him, they killed him and took the sister anyway.

With her brother dead, and her sister kidnapped and forcibly married, she went to Lebanon alone to live with her mother. She is completely emotionally traumatized, and living in fear and poverty. There are countless stories like hers that are unfolding right now, and for every story we hear, we know there are several untold.

It’s hard to fathom what’s happening to these people, while life in Beirut generally seems to be going on as usual. But God is not ignoring what’s happening, and neither should we – we must get on our knees to beseech the Lord for their salvation, and do whatever we can to get the Gospel into the midst of this terrible brokenness.

Join us in prayer for the people of Syria, and please rally your family, friends, and churches to do the same.

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