Why does God allow such devastation?

“Why does God allow such devastation?”

“I’ve fasted. I’ve prayed. Why do we still suffer like this?”

“My city has been ruined. My family still lives there. Bombs fall daily. I can’t sleep; I worry. Where is this God of love?”

These questions come from the mouths, and the hearts, of many young people whose lives have been irreversibly changed by the war and conflict in this region in the past ten years.

But I cannot answer. I cannot tell any of my friends why these things have happened – are happening.

I can only tell them Who.

I cannot tell my friend why bombs dropped on her home. But I can tell her Who, of the One who also lost home and country.

I can tell her of the One who also lived as a refugee, whose family fled under the cover of night; who lived under unjust occupation. The One rejected by his family and friends for the sake of truth; Who was tortured unjustly, falsely accused, and sentenced to death despite His innocence.

I cannot tell my friends why. I can only tell them Who. The One who knows.

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